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Zap Electric


Energy costs continue to rise and you are using more electricity in your home today than ever before. But by using ZEO residential products, it is still possible to lower your monthly electric bills. 

ZEO residential and sibling products are responsible for thousands of people worldwide saving money on their utility bills. You can save as much as 25% on your electric bills every month without sacrificing normal energy consumption and the comforts it provides. 


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KYK Water Ionizer


With more than 70% of your body made up of water.You need a well and properly hydrated body to enjoy good health and vitality. With the advanced technology, you can now bring the benefits of science into your home.

The award winning KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer brings you and your loved ones a host of great benefits that help to alkalize, hydrate, energize, anti oxidize, and detoxify your body.

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OneHealthCard is the total preventive medical and wellness plan for you and your family in the Philippines. Get guaranteed diagnostic and doctor consultation services when you need them from our network of Philippines medical services providers, including some of the finest medical facilities in Philippines.

You will save up to php10,000 or even more, and protect your loved ones! The One Health Card medical and wellness plan is like preventive health insurance for you and your family, by helping you to avoid hospitalization. Members can share benefits such as diagnostic tests, doctor consultations and discounts on medical services and products with their family or friends in the Philippines.

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