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Money Remittance


The fast, secure & cost effecient way to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines

With  ZANE Money Remittance thru Metro-Remittance you will now have a faster, safer and more convenient way to transfer your money. Metro Remittance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Philippines and a proud member of the Metrobank Group of Companies. As one of the largest banks in the Philippines, you can guarantee that your money will reach your loved ones in time! Whether they need it for education, hospitalization, allowance or as a gift, we assure you that they will receive the money that you worked hard for. You can transfer your money in the Philippines thru several ways:

  1. Bank to Bank Deposits
    Transfer the money directly to your loved ones' bank account or have them pick up the money   at the nearest Metrobank branch.

  2. Door to Door Delivery
  3. Have cash delivered to their doorstep.

  4. Cash Pick-up
  5. Your recipient can also pick-up the money from any of our payout partners (M. Lhuillier Pawnshops or CIS Bayad Centers)

Choose from one of these convenient ways to transfer money and ensure that the needs of your loved ones are fulfilled! Send your money now!


Opening a Savings and/or Chequing Account

2 pcs. 2 x 2 photo
1 Valid ID

ATM Account: Minimum of $100.00 or P2,000.00
PASSBOOK ACCOUNT: Minimum of $250.00 or P10,000.00
Inclusive of $35.00 Service Fee
Processing Time: 4-6 weeks