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Z.A.N.E. INC. was conceived on December of 2010. It was initially meant for a money lending business and we started with about 4 clients only. As of today, we have almost 400 repeat customers and we still continue to gain more clients. 99% of our clients are Filipinos, which also gave us an idea to add businesses that would cater to our fellow Filipinos' needs. With our first business, which is the money lending services, people borrow money from Z.A.N.E. INC. to send back home for emergency purposes such as tuition fees, allowances, food, shelter, medicine and hospitalization.

To be more convenient for our clients, we added up our second product, which is money remittance. Z.A.N.E. INC., in partnership with Metrobank (one of the largest and most trusted bank in the Philippines), was assigned to be an authorized..

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OneHealthCard is the total preventive medical and wellness plan for you and your family in the Philippines. Get guaranteed diagnostic and doctor consultation services when you need them from our network of Philippines medical services providers, including some of the finest medical facilities in Philippines.

You will save up to php10,000 or even more, and protect your loved ones! The One Health Card..

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